Getting Red Hat Linux 5.2 up and running on 86Box

A somewhat oddly rendered Feb 2024 in Netscape 4 on Red Hat Linux 5.2. I suppose we’re lucky a 26 old browser can access google at all..!


One of my longer-running goals for Period Sites in Period Browsers was to include a good number of non-Windows hosted web browsers and the first stage in that is the creation of a functioning instance of the operating system hosted within an easily managed virtual machine. Unfortunately, whenever I’ve tried to install premillennial versions of linux within QEMU, I have categorically failed.

And, given the lack of guides on the internet, I’m not the only one.

In this guide we’re going to install and configure a working (albeit non-perfect) version of 1998’s Red Hat Linux 5.2. By the end of this guide we will produce a Red Hat Linux 5.2 install with a working network connection and functioning XWindows/Desktop environment.

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Period Sites with Period Browsers – Machines No. 99 and 100

I’ve just added two somewhat interesting machine/browser combinations to Period Sites in Period Browsers.

Machine 99 – Windows 98 RTM x86 with Grail 0.6

Grail 0.6 running on the release to manufacturing version of Windows 98. Grail 0.6 is interesting as it’s a cross platform browser written by Guido van Rossum in Python and uses the Tcl/Tk windowing toolkit for display. Was Windows 98 the ideal platform for Grail? Probably not, but it did run and it did pretty well with pre-millennial web pages…

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86Box config for RedHat 4.X

Recently I’ve been playing around in 86Box (build 3.7.1 for MacOS to be precise!) with 1997’s Red Hat Linux 4.2. After a little fiddling I seem to have got it mostly working – with one major caveat; I have had real issues with getting X/FVWM to work with any other display resolution than 640*480. Should I come up with a solution I shall, of course, update this page.

Linux Kernel 2.0.30? Gosh!
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Old Solaris Patches (Sunsite Mirrors) looks to be an old mirror of the pre-Oracle Sunsites. It’s quite useful for patches for older Solaris releases.

To get Internet Explorer 5.0 for Unix (Sparc) running on the Sparc release of Solaris 7 I ended up using:

108376-46: OpenWindows 3.6.1: Xsun Patch (Patch File)

106327-23: SunOS 5.7: 32-Bit Shared library patch for C++ (Patch File)

106950-24: SunOS 5.7: Linker Patch (Patch File)

And voila! Internet Explorer 5.0 for Unix running on the Sparc release of Solaris 7.0