86Box config for RedHat 4.X

Recently I’ve been playing around in 86Box (build 3.7.1 for MacOS to be precise!) with 1997’s Red Hat Linux 4.2. After a little fiddling I seem to have got it mostly working – with one major caveat; I have had real issues with getting X/FVWM to work with any other display resolution than 640*480. Should I come up with a solution I shall, of course, update this page.

Linux Kernel 2.0.30? Gosh!

Config File

Anyway, here’s my config file.

machine = thor
cpu_family = pentium_p54c
cpu_speed = 90000000
cpu_multi = 1.5
cpu_use_dynarec = 1
time_sync = local
fpu_type = internal
cpu = 2
mem_size = 16384

gfxcard = stealthse_pci

[Input devices]
mouse_type = ps2

fm_driver = nuked
sndcard = sb16_pnp

[Storage controllers]
hdc = ide_pci
cassette_mode = load

[S3 Trio32 PCI (Diamond Stealth SE)]
memory = 2

[Novell NE2000]
base = 0300
irq = 10
bios_addr = 00000
mac = 19:b3:35

net_type = slirp
net_card = ne2k

[Hard disks]
hdd_01_parameters = 63, 16, 1054, 0, ide
hdd_01_fn = /Path/To/Drive.IMG
hdd_01_speed = ramdisk
hdd_01_ide_channel = 0:0

[Floppy and CD-ROM drives]

Config UI Settings

And those those using the x86Box UI to set up your PC…

Machine Panel
Display Panel
Input Devices Panel
Sound Panel
Networking Panel. With this config I can confirm I am able to use the RedBaron web browser to connect to ‘www.google.com’.
Storage Devices Panel
And Floppy/CDRom Panel

And the Finished Product!

And here we have it; an 86Box instance running Red Hat Linux 4.2 with the RedBarron Browser connecting and displaying Google’s homepage!

And then?

And then? Well, the next step is to sellotape enough bits and bobs together so that I can add ‘Redhat Linux 4.2/RedBaron’ to Period Sites in Period Browsers.