The Giant’s Quoit, Porthoustock

There are two Giant’s Quoits in Cornwall; the first – and most famous – is the table-shaped Dolmen better known as the Carwynnen Quoit found just outside of Carwynnen near Camborne. The second is an odd-looking rock formation found next to the road between St. Keverne and Porthoustock. This post is about the second of these.

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Maps – The Early April 2024 Update

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these but… here are 511 additional map images of Northumberland (using the old Meridian) from the Ordnance Survey Maps – Six-inch England and Wales, 1842-1952 series.

Interesting places covered this update include:

Holy Island

Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead

And Berwick upon Tweed and Tweedmouth

Douglas Adam’s Desk and Office in 1996?

This appears to be Douglas Adam’s nicely messy office and his cable spaghetti’d computer setup – complete with what appears to be a fantastic stack of external SCSI drives. Taken from this clip of October 1996’s ‘Break The Science Barrier with Richard Dawkins‘, this footage was likely filmed in the summer of that year.

HMS St. Vincent Takes In Sail

An interesting little bit of history today; one of the few surviving bits of film of a British warship under sail to be taken while she was still part of the Royal Navy.

First laid down in Devonport in 1810 and launched just before Waterloo in 1815, HMS St. Vincent – a 120-gun first-rate ship of the line – managed to hang on as an armed training vessel until she was scrapped in 1906.

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