I am a Yorkshire-born mid-30s computer sciences graduate currently working as a test engineer as part of a successful DevOps team. I gained my undergraduate degree from the organisation that was once ‘The University of Wales, Aberystwyth’ and is now formally known as ‘Aberystwyth University’.

My interests include literature, history, photography, travel and, of course, general technical geekery.

This Site

This is the homepage for www.chrisrcook.com – a toy website to built to ease me back into linux/nginx use and to provide a permanent repository for any content I wish to make available online.

This site is currently hosted on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ running the latest release of Raspbian. With a quad core processor and 1 GB of ram this is a faster computer than the one I completed the majority of my computer science degree on and, in theory, should be more than up to the task of serving light, static content over a moderately narrow pipe.

Content is managed via the Jekyll static site generator and gallerying functions are provided by FancyBox.

I can be contacted at:

webkipple at chrisrcook.com