RSS Feed

It’s just dawned on me that, after my discussion about NetNewsWire last week, I have yet to enable a feed for this site.

Well now I have – at the bottom of every blog page there should now be a link to this site’s RSS feed.


Huzzah! NetNewsWire – the first RSS reader that I ever really used in anger – is back as a modernised and updated open source project! A lack of external sync services marks it out as still quite far from a usable initial release, but, as soon as some of these are added I shall look at moving away from the moribund Reeder and back to NNW as my desktop RSS reader of choice.

Now all we need is for Google to retask the now defunct Google+ team to resurrecting Google Reader and we can all start RSS’ing like it’s 2007 again! After all, without Google+ (or a similar replacement), there is no need for Google to try and kill off the open web in favour of their own walled garden.

(And for anyone searching; the new NetNewsWire agent string is “NetNewsWire (RSS Reader;”)

Clarus the Dogcow

512 Pixels article (and video) on Clarus the Dogcow; Apple’s unofficial mascot from back when computers were still fun and not just second cousin to your fridge.

512 pixels also does us the favour of covering the history of the Dogcow in actual human readable text – each character lovingly rendered in quickly skimable prose. After all, sometimes you’d rather just deal with the topic on hand than listening to someone else speak.