Night of the Mini Dead (Love, Death & Robots)

This is a funky little thing – Night of the Mini Dead, from Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots. Apparently it’s from the show’s third season which, having firmly bounced off the first season (twice!), I’ve not yet seen. The uploader looks to have chopped it into two parts, though neither part is excessively long.

Part One

Part Two

And The Now Obligatory VFX Breakdown

There’s also a nifty VFX breakdown showing how the majority of the piece is actually augmented stock photography overlaid with GCI and with a tilt-shift effect applied.

HMS St. Vincent Takes In Sail

An interesting little bit of history today; one of the few surviving bits of film of a British warship under sail to be taken while she was still part of the Royal Navy.

First laid down in Devonport in 1810 and launched just before Waterloo in 1815, HMS St. Vincent – a 120-gun first-rate ship of the line – managed to hang on as an armed training vessel until she was scrapped in 1906.

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