As a keen amateur photographer I often spoil pleasant walks and interesting trips by taking my camera and pointing it at things instead of paying attention to my surroundings. Here are some galleries of my favourite photographs.

Baddesley Clinton Hall (Summer 2018)
Achnahaird Beach (Autumn 2018)
Aysgarth Falls in Flood (Spring 2019)
Edinburgh Zoo (Winter 2019)
Yorkshire Wildlife Park (Early Summer 2019)
Donna Nook Seals (Autumn 2018)
The Seals of Donna Nook Nature Reserve (Christmas 2016)
Porthleven at Dusk (Winter 2016)
Llyn y Fan Fach (Summer 2018)
Kynance Cove (Winter 2017)
Cotswold Falconry Centre (Summer 2018)