Period Sites in Period Browsers Machine Number 90 – Windows XP Home x86 with Amaya 6.0

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted about Period Sites in Period Browsers but, given I’ve just added my 90th combination of Operating System and Browser, it feels like a good time to flag it again.

And the 90th combination of operating system and browsers is Amaya 6.0 running on Windows XP. Windows XP – the 800lb gorilla of 00s and 10s operating systems – needs very little introduction however you are probably unfamiliar with Amaya. The Amaya family of browsers are a product of the W3 consortium and is a WYSIWYG HTML/CSS editor with a webpage renderer component. Burdened with something of a clunky UI, I doubt that was ever very many people’s browser of choice, however it is a nice little piece of internet history. This first sample page produce by PSPB can be found here.

Also coming soon to PSPB will be a selection of browsers running on Fedora Core 5 – the first of which will be Fedora Core 5 x86 with Epiphany 1.9.8.

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