Recent films – Summer 2022

It’s been something of a slow summer season for films this year.

Layer Cake

And in the beginning there was ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels‘, and the people saw it and liked it and told their friends, who also saw it and liked it and told their friends.,

And then, after some time, it had earned 28 million dollars on a budget of just 1.4 million.

And the film executives and producers and directors looked at this return and saw that it was good.

And thus began the late 90s wave of UK-based dramedy crime capers.

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Recent Films

Some notes on films and loosely film-shaped things that I’ve recently watched.

The Two Popes

From the Vatican’s New Media department comes… ‘The Two Popes’; a 125 minute explanation of how the infallibility of the Catholic Church turned out to be a little less infallible than initially thought. Ultimately, we find out that while the old Pope was old fashioned, dogmatic, and bad (and was conscripted by nazis as a boy), the new Pope is in touch, modern, and an all round good egg (who just so happened to choose to back murderous dictators as an adult). Like most of the Netflix Original movies, it has that odd TV/Film hybrid feel about how it was produced that I am yet to become comfortable with.


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