The Old Ways

“In early versions of the Mouse program, you could enter the call sign of the AP bureau to which you wanted to connect.”

This is a funky little tale of a cub reporter and his TRS-80 back in the early days of computerised journalism.


A trailer for the new DOOM dropped at E3 yesterday and I have to say that I’m rather looking forward to it. I’ve played DOOM – in it’s various incarnations – since the mid-late 90s and, in a world where stories seem to be ever more complex, the simplicity of DOOM is a refreshing change.

  • A portal to hell is opened.
  • Bad things come through.
  • Kill them all (and, preferably, do it to a rocking soundtrack).

It’s mindless escapism with black and white antagonists which, given my ever more limited gaming time, manages to strike a deeply appealing note to me.