Retro Tea Breaks 1 – A Book to Preserve Video Game History

I’ve been watching the RetroManCave YouTube channel for a while and, when Neil Thomas (the chap who runs it) announced that he was going to launch an edited volume of his interviews with various pioneers of the computer and gaming industry, I figured that it was time back my first Kickstarter.

It looks like it should be a good quality product on an interesting set of topics and I’m looking forward to receiving my copy in November.

Anyway, the Kickstarter for Volume One can be found here. Do hurry, the backing ends on the 13th of August.

PSPB – Period Sites in Period Browsers

So, I’ve built a new toy. It’s called PSPB (Period Sites in Period Browsers) and it pulls pages out of the Wayback Machine and renders them in various period specific browsers and operating systems (stripping off all the rubbish as it does so).

As of launch it only has a half-dozen Operating System/Browsers combinations and around a dozen source sites – and the site that it posts them too is rather austere – but that’s likely to change as I poke around with it and get things up and running.

While I have no real idea how long it’ll last, PSPB can currently be found here.