Channel 4’s Turnover and Profit

Channel 4’s turnover and post tax profit from 1993 to the end of 2021 (the last full year currently available), both in absolute terms and adjusted to 2021 prices via the BoE inflation calculator.

Chart data points can be rolled over to provide more information.


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Building QEMU 7.0 on Raspberry Pi OS

The Introduction

And spring 2022 brings us another major release of QEMU – in this case, QEMU 7.0, available in all of its tar.xz’d loveliness directly from

Whilst the Raspberry Pi OS‘s package repository remains the fastest, simplest way to get QEMU onto your Pi, Pi OS’s Debian lineage often leaves it trailing the cutting edge – in the case of QEMU, the packaged release for Raspberry Pi OS (version 2022-04-04) is version 5.2 from way back in December 2020.

QEMU can be installed via the Raspberry Pi OS package manager – or via ‘apt install’ on the command line. Alas, the version offered is several years behind the latest release.

Fortunately, QEMU is fairly easy to download and compile ourselves.

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New Toy – Old UK Maps.

The National Library of Scotland has placed parts of it’s rather a nice collection of old maps online. It’s all very modern – slippy, google maps style pages abound – and predominantly released under permissive licences. It is not, however, easy to get a full map for reuse in a school report or similar.

So I’ve run up a little code, grabbed some of the maps and put them on a new sub-site here. These maps are licensed by the NLS (as opposed to being in the public domain) and this license has carried down to my derivative work. As of writing, there are only seven of them, but I have several hundred more ready to go up shortly and a block of several thousand more to go up at some point after that.