Yet another set of photographs moved away from Flickr. This time it’s two sets of shots from Donna Nook Nature Reserve – the first taken in 2016, the second from 2018.

And with that I am now fully migrated from Flickr and I can start looking at the rest of my photography backlog – I have loads of nice images from many enjoyable trips and it seems a shame to leave them hidden away in my Lightroom Library.

Raspberry Pi with PCIe

The Raspberry Pi 4 is out! And I’m not going to buy one because A) revision zero is buggered, B) the load this site produces on it’s current 3B+ host is functionally zero (so there’s very little point in upgrading it) and C) I’m currently far too busy to do any pottering around with one outside of that.

However other people have and they’ve started playing around with the new PCIe bus – even going as far as desoldering the USB controller and adding a PCIe riser.

Which is very neat indeed.

A Terrible Mistake

Look what I found in a West Midlands charity shop window…

I think I may have made a terrible mistake when I sold my old games. Who knew that a bunch of fairly mainstream titles would end up being worth so much?

Recent Films

Notes on films I’ve recently watched.

28 Days Later

See here


A medical drama with clear roots in The War GameThreads and The Day After. Well filmed and well cast, it seems to loose confidence in the story it’s trying to tell when it diverges into a Chinese kidnap plot that neither explores the desperation that a village in China might feel or ratchets up the overall tension.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Rubbish! A mish-mash of ideas and themes and – quite possibly – scripts makes this a terrible sequel. The first – though a little wooden in places – understood the concept of the slow reveal and that, while human drama was a traditional element of a Godzilla movie, the drama was always wrapped around the actions of the monsters rather than the other way around.

Oddly enough, I think there was actually the hint of a good idea hidden under the layers of mess. The eco-terrorism angle had potential legs and could have led to a very nice Night Moves-with-giant-monsters concept. Perhaps that’s an idea who’s time has yet to come?

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