Horrible Edge Cases to Consider When Dealing With Music

Microsoft’s Windows might dislike the naming scheme of MASTER BOOT RECORD‘s albums.
If you’re on Linux, you might appreciate ///////-//-///// from The You Suck Flying Circus.

Horrible Edge Cases to Consider When Dealing With Music, Dustri.org

And here’s a fun little list of weird edge cases to think about when dealing with music. Some – such as Nine Inch Nails’s Broken having 90 tracks of four seconds of silence – I knew about, but may of them I’d not seen before and their issues wouldn’t have even crossed my mind.

Tours of Old York #1: 70s York in Flood

York in flood during (apparently) the late 70s. At about 30 seconds in there’s a lovely shot of a very wet pre-flood defence Marygate. Later on, at around one minute forty, you get a shot along Wellington Row and across the River – notably showing the build that there before the construction of the General Accident (now Aviva) Building. There are also some nice shots of The Kings Arms and the bottom of the Museum Gardens in flood.