The Giant’s Quoit, Porthoustock

There are two Giant’s Quoits in Cornwall; the first – and most famous – is the table-shaped Dolmen better known as the Carwynnen Quoit found just outside of Carwynnen near Camborne. The second is an odd-looking rock formation found next to the road between St. Keverne and Porthoustock. This post is about the second of these.

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Overrated Cornwall – Anti-adverts for England’s most westerly county

‘Words inspired by the bad Tripadvisor reviews of the beautiful coastline.’

The Jetty Street Press

Overrated Cornwall‘ is a set of anti-advertisement posters for one of my favourite British regions. Base off some truly terrible TripAdvisor reviews, they are firm proof that there is always someone, somewhere that’s terribly wrong in what they think.

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