More of the Glass Works, Barnsley

Some more shots from the Glass Works redevelopment in the centre of Barnsley. There seems to have been quite a lot of progress since I last posted about this project at the end of August.

A shot of the steelworks on Cheapside taken from further up the hill. Since the last set of images they have finished constructed what will be the second floor celling. Behind you can see the structural work for what will be the cinema.

A closeup of the Cheapside steelworks.

Groundworks for bowling ally and restaurants on the north side Kendray Street. The small grey building in the centre is a new electricity substation.

The same area taken from Midland Street.

A shot of the main part of the project. This was taken on the corner of Kendray Street and May Day Green. The steelworks to the right will become the shops that back onto the existing market. The steelworks in the centre comprise of elements of the new cinema and the shops and restaurants on the east side of the project. The near centre – where the dumper truck is parked – will become a public square.

Equipment and supplies compound with cinema structure behind. Beyond you can see the steelworks for the shops that back onto the existing market structure.

Panorama of the entire site taken from the temporary pedestrian bridge over the railway line.

From left to right:

Cinema and restaurants structure
(Back) Shops structure
(Fore) Location of new public square
Completed library
Kendray Street
Bowling alley and additional restaurants
Existing transport hub

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Expansion – Late August 2019

See the newest update here!

So I went back to Yorkshire Wildlife Park at the end of August to find that they’ve started work on their recently approved expansion.

The expansion comprises the lower right section of the map. Unfortunately, the map images on the YWP website are in quite a low resolution and are difficult to gain any sense of detail on. I’ve looked on the Doncaster planning portal and, while I think everything is there, I’ve not yet been able to beat it’s unwieldy interface into submission and find HD versions of the approved plans.

First, a pair of shots taken from the leopard enclosure viewing platform showing the new connecting bridge in context with the existing park. The enclosure to the left of these images is the tiger enclosure.

The bridge up close. Height-wise it appears to be about 2 or so meters off the ground and runs between two areas of established wetland.

Landscaping and enclosure (?) at the far end of the bridge.

A wide shot of the bridge. From left to right there is the steel frame of the new reception and conference centre, what appears to be a hut for an animal enclosure, landscaping, bridge and, to the left of the bridge behind the young-ish trees, another low building.

The hut/animal enclosure. To the back left you get a better view of the steelworks for the new entrance.

The hut/animal enclosure. As well as the wooden hut you can see a wooden-posted fence with overhang and a metal gate in similar style to others in the park.

Given how the park has previously developed, it’s probable that the new area will open in sections (if, for no other reason than for animal management issues) and we’ll be able to see it expand as new areas are constructed.

The Unicorn and the Penguin – Images from a trip to Edinburgh Zoo

More pictures uploaded, this time a gallery from a February 2019 trip to Edinburgh Zoo.

The Zoo itself feels very much like an organisation in flux. Some of the enclosures – the pandas, the tigers and the chimpanzee – felt very new and very modern while some of the others – I’m thinking of the lion enclosure in particular – felt very ‘old-school’ and old fashioned. Indeed, the lion enclosure – effectively a large metal cage that you walk up to and is very reminiscent of the what you might have expected 40 or 50 years ago – is worth contrasting with both Edinburgh’s own tiger enclosure – bright and open, with landscaping and an interesting walk-though section for the public – and Yorkshire Wildlife Park’s lion enclosure – large, interestingly designed with subtle and complimentary landscaping.

On the other hand, the large amount of building work we observed suggests that they know parts of the zoo need improvements and so we can hope that they get around to the lions sooner rather than later.

The day itself was cold, grey and dark but ultimately dry. At times fingers were cold and my camera struggled with the light and I think both of those are reflected in these images. Eventually I would like to make a summer trip back – as I think the summer sun zoo would show it’s best side – but even the crowds we encountered in February make the thought of summer holiday traffic seem daunting.

Lions and tigers and (polar) bears… oh my!

Another gallery added — this time two dozen or so shots from a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park in June 2019. I actually have two more sets from YWP that I need to process but time really does seem to have go away from me recently.

I also have another blog post to write, one similar to my Barnsley Glass Works post from last week, that covers some of the work done for YWP’s expansion.

Addendum: Though it’s well hidden, YWP’s news page actually has a populated, subscribable RSS feed. The whole site looks to be a fairly standard WordPress implementation and, though they’ve hidden the feed with the site’s theme, these feeds can be picked out of the HTML quite easily.

Glass Works, Barnsley

A couple of shots from the Glass Works redevelopment in the centre of Barnsley. They’re not that great – I snatched them quickly whilst on the way to the station – but they do reflect the current state of redevelopment in the town centre.

The New Library. It doesn’t look that bad from the outside – however I’ve yet to go in and have a poke around and see what it’s like from the inside. It’s got a silly name though – the ‘Library @ the Lightbox’ sounds very named-by-committee.

Steelwork for the south-west entrance to phase two. Taken on Cheapside outside of the grotty looking Alhambra Centre.

A west facing shot taken from the temporary foot bridge over the railway. New steelwork has been added to the large hole that will eventually form the bulk of phase two. This area will contain the covered shopping area and Cineworld Cinema.