As has been more than adequately commented on elsewhere, almost* all of the existent Doctor Who library has hit iPlayer – with the classic episodes, when queried by get_iplayer, reporting an expiry date of 2028-11-01T05:59:00+00:00. So that’s plenty of time to be thoroughly overwhelmed by choice!

*except for An Unearthly Child as – apparently – the writer’s son has issues….

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Time Trumpet

In spite of the BBC’s apparent determination to completely blackhole it (really, no repeats ever?), it appears that there is a complete as-broadcast set of Iannucci’s Time Trumpet stashed away on YouTube.

You should watch it. Now. Because how else are you going to learn about the Great War between Tesco and Denmark? Or how Charlotte Church coughed up all of her organs? Or what happened to Chris Moyles…

Episode One

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