Pimoroni Raspberry Pi 5 NVME Kit

So I picked up one of the Pimoroni Raspberry Pi 5 M.2 NVME kits. While there is supposed to be an official adapter coming from the Raspberry Pi foundation, the Pimoroni kit is well priced for what it claims to offer.

The package itself is quite small and will easily fit in the palm of your hand.

Inside are a set of standoffs/mounts, a short PCIE link cable, some self adhesive feet and, of course, the m.2 breakout board itself.

The front of the breakout board. Peg points for various length m.2 drives drilled out and marked. There is no plug for a secondary power source – though, of course, when attached to a Pi 5 with an in-spec power supply it shouldn’t really need one.

The rear of the board. It’s nice to be able to buy from a proper Yorkshire-based company rather than some fly-by-night Amazon drop-shipper.

The PCIE cable to connect the breakout board to the Pi 5.

Various bits of mounting hardware and screws for both attaching the breakout board to a Pi5 and an M.2 drive to the breakout board.

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