short but sweet link on why someone has gone back to running a personal website – rather than rely on the mess that is social media and external hosting.

The web was better in 2004 than today; it was more personal and more compact yet, somehow, oddly bigger too. Today I see the same layouts, the same themes the same themes, the same algorithmically curated content on so many pages.

And it’s not like the algorithmically curated content is any good; if I’ve just bought a toaster or a USB cable or a hoodie then it’s unlikely that I’m going to want another one tomorrow. Yet, again and again, the same thing appears in my feed and follows me around the internet.

Of course the internet has far more users today than it did back then (from hundreds of millions to 3-4 billion today), but most people end up in a corner that reflect’s them and theirs and there is no reason that these small corners cannot multiply and thrive away from the big content providers.