Yes! Yet more DALL-E spam!

A Giant Duck Menacing 1950s London

The top left duck appears to be constipated. The bottom right appears to be nesting within the product of its destruction.

A Black and White Pencil Sketch of 12 Penguins at a Picnic

All rather cute and, whilst it’s hard to pick a favourite, it’s the top left that’s the winner for me.

Radiohead Album Art

I think I have to two bottom ones as singles.

Horror Movie Poster Featuring a Prawn

All thoroughly viable when drunk. Apparently ‘SPIPAM’ is an anagram of ‘Papism’.

Three Turnips Playing Blackjack in an Impressionist Style

Many turnips, few playing cards. DALL-E has somewhat let itself down with this one.

A Squid in the Oval Office

The top right is just odd. The bottom right may be about to subject us to improvised poetry.

Cyberpunk William Shakespeare

All of these look like Early Access Steam games. And not good ones.

Aberystwyth as a GTA illustration

Both the top and bottom left images are somewhat reminiscent of a stylised Aberystwyth. The other two are fairly generic.

Kangaroo Flying a Plane as a Watercolor

All of them look like they should be warning me to ‘Always tell your mummy before you go off somewhere’.

Abstract Art of a Sleepy Cat Watching a House Burn

I’m a little worried about the safety of the upper right cat. The rest should probably be arrested for arson.

A Donkey Inside of a Giant Bao Bun


Cartoon of Luke Skywalker as a Schoolteacher

‘And now class, can anyone spell Midichlorian?’