Dust Coated Departure by miserable.noise.club

Dust Coated Departure; a pleasant little EP from the miserable.noise.club. I particularly like track three and, as Bandcamp seem to be offering it for free, I have taken an Apple Lossless copy of the entire thing.

A very long time ago one of Warren Ellis’ newsletters used to contain a section where he’d link out to new and interesting little things like this and I’d find a whole bunch of interesting things that way. Unfortunately, that seems to have fallen by the wayside and, horror of horrors, these days I actually have to look for new stuff!

Hot Dog. Jumping Frog…

Another day, another ear-worm. This time it’s Prefab Sprout’s irritating catchy ditty The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

I suspect I picked this particular ear-worm up during a repeat viewing of Top of the Pops ‘88 on BBC 4. The body of the song isn’t much to write home about (late 80’s synthy with a slight edge to the lyrics) but oh! the chorus, that bloody chorus… It’s not left me alone for days…

‘Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque…’